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STEM Initiatives - Expanding Your Horizons

EYH Logo: Expanding Your Horizons/ Motivating Young Women in Science and Mathematics.

2016 EYH CONFERENCE – MARCH 17, 2016

What is Expanding Your Horizons?

Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) is a one-day conference focused on providing middle school girls with opportunities to connect with women who are in under represented career fields including science, engineering, mathematics and technology.

The goals of EYH include:

  • provide young women with opportunities to meet and interact with positive women role models who are active in math & science related careers;
  • involve young women with limited opportunities for success in positive experiences in mathematics & science;
  • increase the interest of young women in math and science by providing exciting and fun hands-on learning experiences;
  • encourage young women to study as much mathematics & science as possible by showing them the benefits of education and its relevance to their lives;
  • foster awareness of career opportunities in science & mathematics related careers.
    (courtesy of the Math/Science Network, 2000)

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Who attends the EYH Conference?
    The conference is open to girls in 7th and 8th grade who are accompanied by an adult or is a part of a school group. Space is limited, however, we do accommodate as many girls as possible.Please call if you have questions. Registration materials are now available. Registration deadline for the conference is January 29th,  2016
  • Why is EYH important?
    Women have traditionally been under represented in all mathematics and science career fields, as well as in other careers that require mathematics and science backgrounds. For many reasons, girls are often unintentionally directed away, or discouraged from taking mathematics and science courses, that will serve them late in their education or career fields. As a result, women find many academic and occupational doors closed to them. The EYH Conference invites girls to meet with, and hear stories from and about, women who have found science and mathematics essential to their personal and professional lives.
  • Why just girls?
    Research on educational equity clearly indicates that girls benefit from opportunities to explore their options and potentials in an environment that is free of competition or other pressures of social and sexual stereotyping. This is a conference when they can do just that.
  • What has been the impact of EYH?
    Students who have attended the conference in the past have reported that, as a result of their participation, they:
  • had a better understanding of the relationships between math and science and possible career choices;
  • believed that they could enter any career of their choice;
  • were more aware of non-traditional and less publicized career choices;
  • would consider continuing their education beyond high school, particularly at the college or university level.
  • What will the EYH Conference be like?
    On arrival to the University of Maine, Orono campus, all conference participants will convene for an opening presentation to kick off the day! All adults must check in at the registration desk for their group numbers and schedules for the day. Each group will meet their guide – a University of Maine staff or student who will accompany you around the entire day – and each participant will receive a packet and bag of goodies. After the kick off, each group will attend several interactive workshops, including a gender discussion workshop that each girl will have the opportunity to attend. The other sessions are hands-on workshops led by community and UMaine faculty and staff volunteers. Lunch is provided for all participants in the Bears Den,  located in the Memorial Union Building.   A brief closing session closes the day out.


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